Zaprojektowanie oraz realizacja całkowicie redundantnej usługi transmisji danych pomiędzy starą, a nową siedzibą Agencji Frontex.

“The organizational efficiency, punctuality and experience of the employees of Euvic Solutions should be stressed, in combination with the highest ALS rates they cause the services provided by Euvic Solutions S.A. to be premium.”

François Laruelle, Head of ICT at the Frontex Agency

Customer profile

The European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (FRONTEX) was established by the European Council Regulation on 26.10.2004.

Frontex coordinates the operational cooperation between Member States in the field of management of external borders, assists Member States in the training of border guards, including the establishment of common training standards, carries out risk analyzes, monitors the development of research relevant for the control and surveillance of external borders.

To ensure consistency, Frontex is in continuous contact with other Community and EU authorities responsible for the security of external borders, such as EUROPOL, CEPOL, OLAF, and the authorities responsible for customs cooperation and cooperation within phytosanitary and veterinary control. This agency strengthens border security, coordinating the actions taken by Member States for the implementation of Community measures relating to the management of the external borders.


In mid-2014, Frontex faced the challenge to change the location of the headquarters. The existing office, located in the Rondo 1 building was to be transferred to the emerging building in Warsaw, Wola Warsaw Spire.

In connection with the move there was a need for the migration of enormous amount of valuable data located in the Agency server room. To fully protect them against loss of data, the customer requirement was to design and execute two independent fiber optic routes, inside both of the buildings and in the city Teletech ducts and to launch the data transfer between the above mentioned sites at the capacity of 10 Gbps.


The Frontex agency entrusted a project with the Warsaw integrator of ICT services – Euvic Solutions S.A.. It, in accordance with the requirements, designed and built a fully redundant infrastructure running on the data service providing all of the necessary edge devices, optical inserts and patch cords. In addition, in accordance with the guidelines enshrined in the contract, a very high availability of services at the level of 99.95%has been assured, and the quality of the transmission was supervised Dby dedicated coordinators available 24 hours a day.


Thanks to the timely implementation of all the objectives of the contract, such a sensitive area of the Agency as the IT environment has been without any problems moved to new premises. The resulting reference letter is a reflection of customer satisfaction.

It is worth mentioning that the area of cooperation between Euvic Solutions and Frontex is wider. The Agency shall use the service of Internet access since January 2014, using a symmetrical 100/100 Mbps link with our BGP service.