Access to the Internet and data services

The universality of use of the Internet has become so obvious that we expect its constant availability. It is not until its sudden absence, that we are shown how much we are dependent on it, both in our private and business lives. How do employees react when they lose connection to the Internet? How do you react when you are not able to obtain information that is just needed to you? How much is an hour of lack of access to the Internet? How much frustration and unnecessary negative emotions it arouses in workers?

In December 2014, a connection of one of the major operators, providing Internet access for a number of business customers in central Poland, failed. Such institutions as bank branches and supermarkets had no access to the network. Repair lasted several hours. For several hours, bank branches did not perform transfers, supermarkets did not make changes in pricing systems and their customers did not have access to Wi-Fi. Residents and businesses from Torun were deprived of access to the Internet offered by one of the leading operators in the Polish market for six hours, it was a standard working day.

The most common source of service outage is a mechanical damage of a fiber optic line, an incident we can have no influence no but we can be properly protected against it. A proper setup and full redundancy of the service guarantee Euvic Solutions customers a very high level of SLA parameters (Service Level Agreement) at a minimum of 99.9% per annum.


Euvic Solutions is a provider of Internet access for business customers, public institutions and telecommunication operators.

We guarantee the highest quality and reliability, our omniNET network was created using the latest technologies supplied by such reputable companies as Brocade Communications Systems, Cisco Systems, and Paloalto Networks. Interstitial connections are made on the basis of digital fiber optic technology and connectivity to the Internet is provided by backbone redundant links to national and international operators. Currently, the omniNET network has connections with over two hundred national networks, and international calls are carried out through transit to Internet backbone operators (Tier-1), such as: Level (3), TeliaSonera and NTT Communications.

Euvic Solutions, as part of the service, provides a summary, setup and configuration of links, and assistance for configuring client devices. Each connection is provided with the required pool of public IP addresses. Installation is finished off with a communication test of equipment and providing the necessary system settings.

Data transfer services

Euvic Solutions provides safe and comprehensive data services dedicated to business customers and public institutions looking for a reliable solution to connect their branches.

We tailor our services to the individual needs of each client, we offer a standard data transmission protocol that uses Carrier Metro Ethernet data rates from 100Mbps to 40Gbps. They are carried out on the basis of network devices and fiber modules supplied by Euvic Solutions.

Euvic Solutions, as part of service, provides a summary, setup and configuration of links and help with configuration. Installation is finished off with a communication test of equipment and providing the necessary system settings.

  • We provide our customers with:
  • Access to the Internet and PREMIUM data services, implemented via dedicated fiber optic connections.
  • Comprehensive advice on the choice of access equipment needed to start the service.
  • Service configuration.
  • Very high level SLA performance – service availability of 99.9% per annum.
  • 24 hour supervision of dedicated coordinators.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the network.
  • Service delivery at any speed.