Integration of information and communication systems

As an integrator of information and communications systems, Euvic Solutions develops and implements optimal solutions based on selected products of leading high-tech manufacturers. Today, business success depends largely on the optimization of IT systems, their availability and mutual communication.

Implementation of any new application or a change in the configuration of systems in companies with extensive IT infrastructure requires careful planning and preparation for the next stages of the project and its verification, in order to achieve full integration. Advice on choosing a solution and methodology of its implementation on the part of Euvic Solutions follows a thorough and honest assessment of the existing infrastructure to the Client.

Basing on the experience gained during the implementation of the many and varied projects and on the expertise, our engineers analyze the infrastructure to enable and develop the best and most efficient scenario of implementing changes.

We make sure that our projects are conducted in accordance with best practices, and as a result of our work environments of our clients are effectively optimized, scalable, easy to maintain, manage, and above all, safe.

Areas of our expertise:

  • Desktop and application virtualization
  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Disaster recovery
  • HA systems
  • Backup systems
  • Equipment for building SANs
  • Virtual systems
  • Solutions for e-mails
  • IT Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Migration and optimization of database systems
  • Management of updates