IT Outsorcing

The idea of outsourcing comes from the need to maximize the efficiency and quality of processes in the organization while minimizing their costs. Outsourcing involves the transfer of responsibilities, tasks, projects and processes to be implemented by an external partner.

Already in 1923, Henry Ford stated that: “If there is something you cannot do more effectively, cheaper and better than competitors, there is no point in doing it, and you should hire someone who can do the task better than you”

Processes associated with the areas of administration, such as accounting, HR and IT, are usually realized in such a form. Making a decision to take processes “outside” is not an easy one and should not be a hasty one. It is also not the best scenario for all companies. However, for most, it will mean flexibility in operation, greater dynamics, lower costs, and peace – peace of management, regarding ensuring the proper functioning of the basic processes in their organization.

Euvic Solutions IT specializes in providing comprehensive outsourcing services for the management, maintenance and development of IT infrastructure.

Companies using our services have permanent access to qualified professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of a variety of IT areas. Depending on the needs of our customers, we flexibly and effectively manage their involvement in projects and activities.

Using our services provides your organization with:

  • Reducing costs associated with file management and maintenance of IT infrastructure;
  • Maximizing the efficiency of IT engineers’ working time;
  • Ensuring the stability of human resources – independence from the question of leave, employee turnover, changes in teams;
  • Increasing the availability of services – SLAs;
  • Increasing environmental safety;
  • Unlimited access to the extensive knowledge and experience of our professionals, technicians and IT engineers;

We provide:

  • Supervision of smooth, trouble-free and efficient operation of the system,
  • Removal of the problems associated with the current use of hardware,
  • Implementation of enterprise software standardization,
  • Implementation and oversight of the security policy of the company and virus prevention,
  • Technical support for end users,
  • Advice on the purchase of hardware and software,
  • Supply and installation of consumables,
  • Performance of activities related to the implementation of the guarantee and warranty for equipment and components,
  • Implementation of a monthly report on the operation of the managed information systems,
  • Documentation update.