Currently, the success of virtually any project in your organization depends on IT cooperation with other departments. Moreover, decisions taken by IT managers can have a crucial impact on the reputation of the company and the security of data stored by it.

Those responsible for IT security are often confronted with demanding and new challenges. Security systems depend on the strategy and developed procedures for their implementation, the experience of incidents, the possibility of a fast, efficient and above all effective response. Hackers, cyber terrorism, cyber-crime, malicious software activity, DDoS attacks have become topics of daily news.

The Middle East hackers probably broke into the headquarters of a large network of casinos belonging to an American billionaire. They succeeded by using the administrator password left during his standard visit in a computer memory in one of the wards. Losses were estimated at $ 40 million. A US distributor of films has been attacked by hackers, which led to a temporary suspension of distribution of a film on a controversial political topic. Who was behind it and what was the purpose of the attack? It is not known. We know, however, that attacks in cyberspace can have an impact on key decisions of multinational corporations and financial giants.

Examples in Poland can be multiplied. A public institution, established at the financial market struggled, in 2014, with about a 10-day attack on their internal network, so that user logins and passwords, data from mailboxes, map network architecture etc. had been made public. Here, the main culprit to be pointed out, as we are experienced in this matter, was the weakness of passwords that users and administrators used to log on to the system. Despite the fact that they were more complicated than Admin1…

IT security is an area where you can always “seal” something to improve it. It is also an area in which we must honestly say that it requires special interest, investment of time and also money. Taking care of your IT security is as a decision about the level of security that we buy; as the choice of doors and locks into our homes and apartments, where you always need to remember the windows, the chimney and the alarm … the most fierce dog and a watchful neighbor… Any chain is only as weak as its weakest link, which is why it is so important to have a comprehensive approach to the protection of IT resources within our organization.

We carry out projects mainly in collaboration with the following suppliers / basing on their solutions: Radar Secunia Palo Alto, Sophos

Security areas within which we support our clients are:

  • Firewall
  • Detection and intrusion Prevention – IDS / IPS
  • VPN, including SSL VPN
  • Content control systems
  • Systems for the protection of workstations
  • Email security
  • Authorization and authentication
  • Integrated security solutions – UTM
  • Safety management systems
  • Antivirus systems
  • Data protection systems
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply systems
  • IP video surveillance systems
  • Data recovery