Voice services

Our activeness both professional and private, is based on communication with other people. Long time ago, in a distant galaxy, people had two options, they wrote letters to each other or talk face to face. Today, in the era of social media, big data, and mobile devices communication transforms and changes almost every day. There are new ways and channels of communication. But one thing remain the same – nothing can replace a meeting of two people, and one phone call can explain more and be more effective than dozens of emails sent.

It is important not only what we say, but how we do it and how it reacts to our conversation partner. Euvic Solutions is a telecommunications operator, we provides voice services for the business customers.

We offer our Clients and Partners services based on modern Internet technologies such as:

  • IP telephone exchanges
  • Virtual IP PBX offered in the cloud model
  • IP Phones
  • SIP trunks
  • as well as the classic TDM telephony:
  • Digital PABX telephone exchange
  • Digital and analog phone lines
  • ISDN trunks