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We support remote work

Dear all,
the situation we are facing today is a new, unexpected challenge. We all know how important it is to ensure business continuity today. That is why we offer you the support of a team of experienced engineers from Euvic Solutions S.A. and other Euvic Group’s companies.

We are fully prepared to support our Partners and Customers and lead them through the remote work process while ensuring data security and business process continuity.

Supported by the solutions of our global partners (Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, HPE, Vmware, Citrix, and OpenSource) we can quickly start remote and group work in the cloud model.

To ensure our engineers and customer employees‘ health and safety, we perform all services taking the necessary precautions.

The implementation of basic communication and remote work services is entirely carried out remotely and does not require any direct contact (e.g. visits) between the engineers and our clients.  

In particular, we offer help in the following areas:  

  • supporting the remote users with additional help via HelpDesk 24/7;  
  • remote work based on building a virtual desktop environment for any number of users;  
  • access to IT resources of your company via SSL-VPN;  
  • modern and customized tools for group communication, video conferences, and teleconferences at any location;  
  • secure file sharing based on solutions of major manufacturers;  
  • e-learning concerning currently used systems of communication and remote access.  

If you are interested in our solutions or need some help in the process of transforming your organization to use the remote work and group communication mode, please contact us via our dedicated service line at +48 22 335-44-00 or via the email address:

We wish you all good health.